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T. Russell & A. Martie
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It is a sudden feeling of experience that is striking in its clarity and detail, yet it is difficult to recount or remember exactly where we have seen it. Deja Vu, which in French terms, means “already seen," is considered a disconnection or clash between objective unfamiliarity and a subject sense of familiarity. Deja vu is the sense of remembering something that you don’t remember being there. According to Dr. Kaku, a quantum physics professor, states that there is the possibility that déjà vu might be caused by our ability to "flip between different universes.” The theory he and many other scientists believe in, is known as the multiverse theory. The multiverse theory states that there is a hidden connection between déjà vu and the existence of many parallel universes accordance with ours. Another explanation for déjà vu that many other researchers believe in is that there is a slight malfunctioning between the long and short-term memory circuits of the brain. Somehow, specific information shortcuts its way from short to long-term memory storage, bypassing the usual processes that are used for storage transfer. The left lobe visualizes the information and when sending that information to the right lobe, becomes delayed or lost which leads to the image being processed as a memory, according to Claire Flaherty, a neuropsychologist at Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania. There are two factual types of deja vu that are most commonly referred to. The first type is where you have experienced it before with people and the second type of deja vu is tied with temporal lobe epilepsy. Scientists and researchers have tried to create evidence that deja vu is linked with psychopathology. Psychopathology is, in a very general sense,