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Trenton Ferrara-Pd:1
Abolishment of slavery
Division of labor (673)
Us imperialism
Struggles of land distribution
Political rule-Creoles Elites
La reforma(687)
Religious role

Catholic role in government

Mexico went through many changes from 1800 to the present were abolishment of slavery, revolutions, and women’s right. Continuities from 1800-present was social and gender structures, division labor, political rule, and religious role.
Mexico continuities from 1800-present dealt with division of labor. The people of Latin American export primary products but attracted little foreign investment and developed little mechanical industry. The low wages of plantation workers made of by foreign owners made the situation worse by dampening demand for manufactured goods. This was a reason why Mexico struggled with land distribution, because a concentration of wealth in the hands of small groups that contributed little to economic development through consumption or investment. Religion was a huge continuity throughout Mexico’s political government. Catholic’s role in government was a continuity by it stuck around throughout all the revolutionary leaders and ideologies and impact of foreign countries through the imperialism era or the Worlds Wars 1&2. Political rule was a continuity by the creole elites. They established republics with written constitutions for the newly independence states of Latin America. Creole Elites love the Enlightenment values and republican ideals, but they had little experience putting their principles in practice. One thing elite agreed on wars the policy of claiming American land for agriculture and ranching. That meant pushing aside indigenous peoples and establishing Euro-American hegemony in Latin America.
Changes throughout the 1800-present in the country Mexico was the abolishment of slavery. It was abolished in 1829, though not solely for