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Delicia’s Coiffures is a home-based business that provides hair styling and cutting services to the small community of Vegreville. Delicia is an experienced hair stylist from South America who has brought her skills to this community and has been embraced for more than 15 years in town as providing quality hair styling services. This home business provides the following services: cutting hair, styling hair, hair coloring, hair perms, and hair styling products available for resale. Delicia’s Coiffures offers a family oriented and friendly atmosphere for her clients. Delicia is a well-known and well liked resident of the community and has built and formed strong relationships within it. The target market for this business is primarily women 30 years of age and over and children under 17 years of age. Delicia also has a large demographic of senior citizen clients in which she has obtained from previous employment in the senior citizens residences in the community. The highest source of revenue for this business are the chemical based services which are predominantly requested by the female clientele in form of hair color and female senior citizens in form of hair perms. Delicia currently has this business on a part time basis but hopes to expand her client base to the point where this would be a full time venture. Through the course of analyzing the organization’s marketing strategy, areas explored include strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to generate higher revenue from Delicia’s business activities by creating an improved marketing strategy.

Exploring the business, this is a sole proprietorship based business managed and operated by Delicia who is also the only employee. This business is located on the main floor of Delicia’s private residence in the city of Vegreville, Alberta. She has allocated the living area as her workspace with two salon chairs and hair washing and drying station. Her residence has been retrofitted to allow the experience of a full services salon including the display of salon products and providing the atmosphere of a hair salon. Upon entering the residence, one notes the spotless hardwood floors that provide a sense of warmth and welcoming charm. Her two workstations are equipped with all the tools of a high-end salon that is able to provide the latest trends in the hair industry. The salon has two professional barbers chairs in a modern look that also ensure the comfort of the client. There is a large window that allows for natural light to shine in adding to the cozy vibe Delicia strives to promote. Delicia is well known in the community as she has previously had a salon in downtown Vegreville for a number of years. Although Delicia had a business interruption and was out of the industry for a few years, she continued to keep up with new trends by attending hair industry education. Hair styling has remained her passion and she hopes to continue to grow with her business. Now she is using her extensive networking in the community to re-establish her home based business and ideally expand it to a place where she can operate this business full time. She is a well-known resident for her friendliness and professionalism. Delicia has built strong bonds and ties in the community. The City of Vegreville has approximately 5,758 residents as per 2012 Municipal Census Report (pg. 3 figure 1, Out of the 5,758 residents, about 49% are female (pg. 4 figure 2, who provide Delicia’s Coiffure with a large pool of potential clients. Delicia has also been employed in the care of senior citizens in the community, as per the census of the city of Vegreville in 2012, (pg.5 figure 3, 20.7% of residents are over 65 years of age. Delicia has a substantial female senior citizen client base due to her past employment.
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