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An abstract is a summary of the dissertation within one page.

Acknowledge anyone who has helped you in your work such as your supervisor, technical support staff, fellow students or external organisations.

Automatically generated from the paragraphs of style Headings.

For editorial consistency, it is important to use Word styles properly. Word 2003 onwards has so-called quick styles. If the styles referred to below are not visible on the Home ribbon in the Styles category, choose Apply Styles from the down arrow at the bottom right of the Styles category. Styles can then be applied from the drop-down box. To make a style visible as a quick style, choose Apply Styles, then click Styles (the AA icon), then click on the drop-down list for a style, and then Add to Quick Style Gallery.
Chapters are entered using the Heading 1 paragraph style. The Heading 1 style automatically moves to the start of a new page, and supplies the next chapter number. The new paragraph when you press Return after a heading automatically uses the Body First paragraph style (like this one, with no indent on the first line).
However most text uses the Body Text paragraph style (like this one, with 11 point Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, single-sided pages). Enter most text using the Body Text paragraph style. The new paragraph when you press Return after a Body First paragraph automatically uses the Body Text paragraph style.
In general, use the default spacing that headings and paragraphs give you. Avoid using new-lines or spaces to format text. If you need to use quotes, preferably use single curly quotes ‘…’. If you wish to emphasise something, usually use italic font.
Remember to SAVE frequently while you are working!
Background and Context
Give the background to your project and context of what you have done. Sections are entered using the Heading 2 paragraph style – the Heading 2 style automatically supplies the next section number.
Scope and Objectives
Define the scope and objectives of your project.
Summarise what you have achieved.