Essay on Delinquency Parents Or Teens Fault

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Sharon Bujold-Atkins
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Mr. Rodgers
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03 March 2015
Delinquency, Parents or Teens Fault.
Teens go through many phases when they are growing up. For most, illegal actions are one of them. Its alcohol, drugs, violence, stealing, or even vandalism that gets teens into trouble. The urge to rebel can make any teen do anything at that moment. Many people believe it’s the parents’ fault for their teen’s actions, but is it really? Teens ultimately can make their own choices about their behavior.
What teens do on their own free will should not be the fault of the parents. Many people say parents are responsible for their teens dealing with illegal actions. If you think about it, teens come from all different kinds of living environments. Some are caring and strict. Some are lacking the care and authority parents give. Given either life style; a teen could still acquire drugs, alcohol, etc. If anyone or anything should be to blame, it’s the influence the teens get from their other peers, and not the teens or parents. Whoever the teen hangs out with can also put the same or even worse effect on them than parents, but the end result comes back to how the negative actions from peers, that could come from home.
In teens the cortex is at the front of the brain and is the part that deals with reasoning, critical thinking, and exercising self-control. The brain isn’t fully developed until around the mid-20’s. So for teens, the brain is still trying to develop. When they are in a situation, their brain has trouble controlling risk taking impulses and understanding the consequences of their actions. This could not be the blame of a parent. If the teen had the urge to do something that most likely wasn’t illegal, then the odds are they will do it, especially when pressured by their peers. This doesn’t happen to