Delivery Analysis Of 'Any Given Sunday'

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Andrew Mahtook
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Delivery Analysis of Al Pacino Speech
In the climax of the movie Any Given Sunday, Coach Tony D’Amato (portrayed by Al Pacino) gives a riveting speech right before his team takes the field for their biggest football game of the year. The coach delivers the speech to his players as they all watch on one knee, eager to take the field. We, the television audience, watch from a distance, through cameras that pan around the room and give us the feeling of being part of the team as well. We also get the added effect of music that speeds up and slows down as the pace of the speech alters. The different shots of players and their reactions to the speech also help to subconsciously alter the way we feel. If we see a player with his head down in tears, we will feel pity. However, the use of different cameras to show the rising confidence throughout the locker room gets us, the audience, on board with the coaches message and we sometimes are even ready to take the field with the team. These effects dramatically enhance the impact the speech has on us viewers, and is an added dimension that cannot be created through live speaking. Coach D’Amato’s physical appearance parallels his message even before he starts to speak. His messy hair and open shirt with glasses hanging down portray a sense of tenacity and an obvious chip on the coach’s shoulder. He grasps his coaching papers in his hands, shuffling them, pacing around the room. His mannerisms show anxiety, nervousness; he is truly speaking unscripted and from the heart. Once he finally speaks, his gritty voice brings with it a tough, in-your-face attitude on not just football, but life in general. One can tell that this won’t be a speech with just a bunch of fluff aimed to give viewers a false sense of satisfaction. Along with his physical appearance, his inclusion of personal anecdotes and about his trials in life also shapes the man and his message. He even includes comedic relief when talking about the times he has “screwed up.” He reaches a very personal level with his players and challenges them to think about their life and if they have done enough with it. As the speech goes on, and the message gets deeper and more concentrated on the football game, his tone gets more serious and his pace, faster. The message portrays that of teamwork and sacrificing everything you have in your body for that one small inch