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Demand Justice for 17 year-old boy Falsely Accused and Imprisoned Under no Factual Evidence

Target: Philippine Department of Justice and President Benigno Aquino III
Goal: Justice and the release from jail for Asraf Jamiri Musaa.
Numerous countries in Asia still practice methods of torture today. It is commonly used as a technique for investigating criminal offenses and suspicious activity.
Just recently, soldiers and policeman accused Asraf Jamiri Musaa, a 17 year old boy on the island province of Basilan Mninsanao of being affiliated with the kidnap-for-ransom group Abu Sayyaf. On the morning of June 23, 2011, Musaa was awoken by military officials who then proceeded to raid his home. After finding no evidence of connection between Musaa and the ransom group, soldiers forcefully took the boy to a military brigade where he was made to sit for hours.
Musaa was blindfolded, handcuffed and beaten for hours. At one point his accusers even threatened to plant evidence of explosives on him, if he did not admit to being associated with the group.
But unfortunately it didn’t stop there. When Musaa denied the claims of involvement, his feet were tied and a plastic bag was placed over his head; he was repeatedly punched in the stomach and threatened with being buried alive.
After two days of being held captive, Musaa was jailed for possession of explosives.
On June 28th a doctor examined Musaa and discovered that as a result of the physical abuse, he had multiple contusions and abrasions on his forehead, a large contusion hematoma on the bridge of his nose and a rash on his chest.

As of today, no military officials or policeman have been arrested for the mistreatment of Musaa. The 17 year-old is still behind bars and his only dream is to finish his education and help his parents.


Dear Philippine Department of Justice and President Aquino,
For the last three months an innocent 17 year-old boy has been falsely imprisoned.