Demi Goddess Essay

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Casey L. Qualls Jr.
Professor Keene
English 102
19 February 2013

Demigoddess To be brave and stand for what you want at any given time standing up for your rights and morals makes you a martyr. The story of “Antigone” defines the true definition of a heroin, a mythological or legendary woman having the qualities of a hero. (Merriam-Webster) Antigone is very strong and self-motivated she does not need anybody to back her up and she admits to all her guilt. A hero always gets blamed for when things are not going right; this makes them stronger at the end of the day. The reason Antigone is a heroine because she already has people rallying with her saying she did the right thing burying her brother. “Like Father, Like Daughter; both headstrong, deaf to reason!”(ii370) Antigone father was a king she has the leadership and the tyrants tongue where if she states something she is gone stand, live, and die by her word. Choragos was saying like her father who has died she will be joining him and her brothers in hell. Antigone is royalty but she is very tuff and strong minded, and women in this time didn’t really have power and if they did they wouldn’t speak up. Antigone started the whole butterfly effect of people not always agreeing with Creon. First Antigone buried her brother against the kings wished then she walked willing back to the burial site to pray over him knowing people were going to tell. Antigone is the heroine by branching her way out so her brother soul could rest disobeying