Demise Of Miss Emily In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” depicts the demise of Miss. Emily’s life. Women were curious about the way that she lived once she passed and the men lined up to pay tribute.
In the commencement of the story, Emily’s home is described as “that had once been white” letting the reader know that she did not care for the uptake of her home; also it shows that she does not care what her community thinks of her. “Not that Miss Emily would have accepted charity.” Shows that Emily would not allow the community to pity her, she was originally a strong individual. Emily had been secluded to her house for nearly 10 years and was unaware that Colonel Sartoris had passed away; she seemed to be at the beginning of her decline.
After Emily’s father and possible husband left her, she did not leave her household often. Neighbors started to complain about a smell coming from Emily’s property; however the community was fearful to inform her to her face of the smell. A group of men snuck around her home after nightfall and used lime to subdue the stench. Emily must have grown accustomed to the smell, as it was not an issue she felt necessary to resolve. By the age for thirty Emily was still single;
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Any community finds gossip of cruel manner curious. Ladies of the community began to become disgusted with her choice in men; nevertheless Emily appeared to not care what they thought and did as she pleased. Emily bought the man she pursed clothing, and the town grew to believe they were to marry; instead he wasn’t seen again after he came back to town. It appears that Emily has grown resilient to death; however she did age with graying hair and gaining weight. China painting lessons brought many youth to her house during her forties, regenerating a fondness the community felt for her. As time went on, she ceased her lessons; Emily became ill and passed away without the community’s knowledge of her