Democracy and Coconut Creek Essay

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RESEARCHED TOWN: __________Coconut Creek____________PERSON INTERVIEWED: ________Ileana Flores______________ | | 1. (A) How long have you lived in the town of Coconut Creek (how many years: must be more than 15 years )? I’ve lived here for sixteen years (B) Why did you move here? The reason why I moved here is because most of my family used to live here when I decided to move | | 2. Participating in jury duty is a civic responsibility. Have you ever participated? If yes, describe your experience. No, I have not participated in jury duty | | 3. Do you have faith in your leaders and the democratic process? Why or why not?Yes because we live in a democratic system where almost every decision made is consulted with the public | | 4. Do you exercise your right to vote during election time(s)? Why or why not?Yes because I think it is important to vote for an individual that in my opinion is best capable of serving as a leader to the rest of the people. | | 5. Do television commercials, radio advertisements, articles in the newspaper influence how you view politicians and/or how you vote? Please explain.Not really. In some ways it can affect people’s perspectives on how they view them, but in my case, I base my view on politicians on facts like things that they do and what positive things they bring to the community. | | 6. How do you view the leaders/leadership of this community? Please explain? The leadership of Coconut Creek has always been very well managed. All of the community boards work together to achieve excellence. Most of the schools in the city are A schools. In addition, there are many activities for its residents. | | 7. What "bragging rights" can this town claim; in other words, what things would be highlighted in a promotional brochure to attract visitors or potential permanent residents?One of the most important things that this town has that could attract permanent residents is that most of its schools are A schools. For visitors, the fact that the town has beautiful natural parks will attract several visitors | | 8. What is a major positive change concerning this town you have witnessed since your time living here?One major positive change is that they built an outside mall called The Promenade. In my opinion The Promenade has attracted a lot of people into Coconut Creek and has helped the economy in the city. | | 9. What is a major negative change concerning this town you have witnessed since your time living here?There are not any negative changes that I’ve witnessed. The town has slowly progressed evry year. | | 10. Does this town have any "odd quirks," "claims to fame," or interesting tidbits about which outsiders would not know; what are they?Coconut creek is the butterfly capital of the world. | | 11. If you were empowered to make one change which affects this town, what would it…