Democracy: Election and Electoral College Essay example

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ocRickey Layfield

I have been granted the liberty to thoroughly explain my personal thoughts about Democracy in today’s society. Democracy is a word I feel is often thrown around in media and our regular day society. Democracy is by definition “government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system”. One has to think do we really have the right to elect officials singlehandedly. I first want to speak on how much can be done without the public being aware. Laws are passed every day and many citizens have not a clue of how much their lives have just been affected. I also want to touch on our right to elect officials and speak on electoral colleges.
I believe that the public is naïve and we are easily ruled by tyrannical forces. No one person is not sending people to the dungeon to be decapitated like we read in historic novels but our lives are not in our hands. Everyday laws are passed that a large amount of the population has no voice in or knowledge of. I am in college and am happy that I hear things because of my political science major but what about those that are not? The constitution can be amended anytime. Yes the government has three branches with a diverse amount of people but look at the amount of politicians that make the decisions versus the amount of people in our nation. We vote for someone to represent our country every four years and believe that we have power. What if that person deceived us all and does not have our best interest at heart? We will be at the mercy of the government and this can happen bit by bit until we are crippled. I believe that