Democrat President Barack Obama Vs. Republican Governor Mitt Romney

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Kacey Chinn
“Faith Based Voters” September 21, 2012

This year marks another year for the Presidential elections so, it’s a critical time for all to make a decision on to whom they should vote for. This year it’s between democrat President Barack Obama vs. republican Governor Mitt Romney. Everyone wants to know what both parties will do to help better the United States. Both parties are trying to win votes therefore, they have to persuade in any way that they can so that, they can win and run the country. Both candidates are putting out very persuasive commercials, especially to the religious communities. With all the different religious backgrounds in the United States the people that practice their religious beliefs need to be considered during the election as well especially, with all that has been happening with religion lately in the news. Before Bob Abernethy interviewed Kim Lawton, Managing Editor of Religion and Ethics NewsWeekly, he showed both democratic and republican presidential candidates in a commercial speaking to the religious communities. Since Obama started a new campaign called “People of Faith for Obama”, in the commercial he stated “I’m asking for your support because we have more work to do to build an economy where families are valued and secure, and expand opportunity, extend compassion and pursue the common good” (Faith). I think this commercial did a good job on showing the people of this country living happily and probably touched a few people. Abernethy also showed Romney’s commercial in which he stated, “All we ask is that between now and November 6th, you join us and commit like never before. This election can come down to just one more vote. I ask you to find that one vote, ask one more person to join our campaign” (Faith). I believe that this commercial did the better job overall though because he drew the audience in and explain to them that the vote could go either way and that people should get involved on the election because their vote could make a difference, and everyone want to know that their decisions are important. During the actual interview portion Abernethy speaks to Lawton, about how the polls from a religious standing are going and to whom they would be most likely to vote for during this time. She speaks of how Romney and former candidate John McCain, have the same followers, and that people of the Catholic community are divided up and a most likely to vote for Obama. Also, she states that Protestants who are normally for the Republican candidate and now going with the Democratic Party. Religious communities can