Democratic Citizenship Paragraph Essay

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Democratic citizenship paragraph There are fundamental values and beliefs associated with democratic citizenship. Democratic values and beliefs are reflected in citizens’ actions. The first value and belief associated with democratic citizenship is justice. Having a fair and reasonable justice system helps keep our citizens in order and safe from harm. Creating laws for what’s right and wrong keeps society balanced and in order. For example things that are illegal are made illegal to protect citizens. To take it to an extreme, killing or harm on a person is illegal. If this law is broken there are major penalties like long jail time. We also value voting rights. Our society provides us with the freedom of choice and gives everyone over 18 the ability to vote. Everyone is allowed to choose who they think the most appropriate leader would be. All votes are counted and nothing about voting rights are unfair. These voting rights insure that majority of the population is happy because they had a say in who becomes in charge. This is important because if civilians feel that they had a say in what goes on in the government, they are more likely to be happy and satisfied with the government and there will be less complaints. In addition religion and culture is also a big part of our society’s beliefs and values. Our society makes sure there are many different churches to make every ethnic group feel comfortable and accepted as they should. Also there is no discrimination between…