Democratic Leadership Essay

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In examining my score for Authoritarian Leadership, I scored 16. This is the moderate range. It is based on the boss or manager who makes all the decisions without consulting the employees. This rating is very precise in how I feel.
In discussing my score for Democratic Leadership, I scored 27. This is in the very high range. It is based that employees are in the decision-making process, concur in the assignments, seek employees suggestions, and encourage their input in order to run the business as they see fit. I have owned several businesses and this was the key to our success.” I believe that there is no you without me and no me without you. “As a team with my expert advice, their input into the changes that I cannot see helped the company to grow together.
In examining my score for Laissez-Faire Leadership, I scored 12. This is in the very low range. It is based on minimal supervision. It allows the employee to make most of their own decisions about how the work will be done. I prefer to work in this environment, because it allows freedom of thought, especially in the social media world, such as Google and FaceBook, IT, software and freedom in blogging.
Lastly, my style is very democratic. I owned Metro Legal Service for 12 years. As a paralegal, I contracted attorneys to appear on my written appeals. I employed attorneys on an hourly wage. Since there expertise was greater than mine as far as litigation. It is easy to see why I consulted in their input. But, there