Democratic Republic Essay

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What Voting Means to Me

When you are a little kid you always imagine becoming the president some day, or voting for the president you want. But little do you know the percent of young voters have been decreasing slowly between each election, and if this keeps up there would be barely any young voters voting. These are four reasons why young adults should start to vote more.
One main way is that we could elect leaders who have the same beliefs as us. For example if one president says that he will allow abortion, and if you just hope for that the president with the terrible beliefs does not win you should vote for the other president. Not sitting down all day hoping because your vote can change a lot. Another reason why should vote is that voting exercises our rights as a free country. This is important because we take living in a country for granted. In some countries if you do not like the government you will be shot. The next reason is that without voting we would not be a democratic republic. If we are not democratic republic we would become an oligarchy. Oligarchy is when a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution. If we were an oligarchy we would lose our title and rights of being a free country. The last way is that voting helps shape our community which this can change our future. You never know how good your future will be. One future might be good, but if you mess up a single thing that can lead into a terrible future.