Democrats: United States House of Representatives and Republicans Sharron Byrd Essay

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Democrats & Republicans

SharRon Byrd

Virginia Union University



October 3, 2014

The Constitution or (law of the land) for the United states, came up with two compartments in order to equal out national and local political issues for its nation. In the beginning the United states was governed off of the Articles of Confederation which had a very feeble national government. The Articles of Confederation did not allow congress to withdraw taxes from the states which left the national government without any money,(the states had all the money). In 1787 the Virginia plan and the New Jersey plan came to an agreement which was called the great compromise. The agreement created a two chamber compartment that granted the constitution all lawmaking power through the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Within the House of Representatives you have to be at least the age of 25 and a citizen of the U.S. for 7 years. House Representatives are elected every two years and the majority of the House is of the Republican Party. Theirs a total of 435 House Representatives with t he top Representative called the speaker of the house.

The Senate requires that you be the age of 30 and a citizen for at least 9 years. The Senate reelects every 6 years and its total number of members is 100. The top leader or spokesman for the Senate is called the Senate Majority leader. With the two compartments basically within comparison of law passing, bill making, taxes, and many more issues, the house of representatives have a time limited debate because of all of its 435 members and the senate has a cloture which is 60-40 in which the 60 has a super majority.

Because of all the political issues that occur within the nation that are taken to the congress and its two chamber congress the structure and agreements on laws