Demographics and Micro Environment Essay

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Table of content Introduction 2 Habib Jewels 3 Micro environment 3 a) Customer. 3 b) Supplier. 3 c) Competitors. 3 d) Marketing intermediate 4 Macro environment 4 a) Political 4 b) Economic 4 c) Technology 4 Libresse 5 Micro environment 5 a) Customer 5 b) Company 5 c) Competitors 5 Macro environment 6 a) Cultural. 6 b) Economic 6 c) Natural 6 d) Demographic 6 Fair & Lovely 7 Micro environment 7 a) Company 7 b) Customer 7 c) Public 7 d) Competitor 7 Macro environment 8 a) Cultural 8 b) Technology 8 c) Political 8 Kordel’s 9 Micro environment 9 a) Marketing intermediaries 9 b) Customer 9 c) Competitors 9 Macro environment 10 a) Demographic 10 b) Cultural 10 …show more content…
For Libresse, the relationship with young women is a vital competitive factor. In forums created for dialogues with the target group it was seen that many young women have a deep interest in design which inspired to develop the towel concept Libresse Design Edition Customer target market for Libresse is for teenagers and young adult. But it does not mean that this product not for adult, because of the characteristic of the product itself is suitable for any range of ages.
Usually customers choose this product because of the advertisement itself. It is because through advertisement customer know about the product, like Libresse because is still new in Malaysia market compare to international market.
b) Company
Libresse is an international brand of feminine hygiene products owned by Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA), a Swedish pulp and paper manufacturer and consumer goods company. The Company first appeared in 1940s with the first crepe paper towel called Mimosept. Libresse are well established on Russian market. SCA has about 50000 employees in some 50 countries and one of them is Malaysia.
Regarding factors that related to the organizational itself, Libresse state that international experience effect the advertisement. In UK, SCA has some problem regarding brand Libresse where it has some problem with their language. But SCA has emphasize that Libresse is designed for woman use, not have