Essay on Demography and Life Expectancy

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Sociology- Katie Ostridge
Suggest two reasons for the increase in life expectancy.
As years have gone by we have gained more medications to help prevent illnesses which carry a death threat. From having more medications people are starting to live longer and have longer life expectancy rates. Another reason why there’s an increase in life expectancy is that we have a better health care than before and there’s more access to hospitals and doctors which can give you free treatment. This means that people are more likely to go to the doctors or hospital as they don’t need to pay for their health care. Older people are also getting more health and social care services which means they live longer.
Suggest three reasons for the fall in the birth rate.
A reason why there’s a fall in birth rate is that women are choosing a career over a family. Better educated women have more options therefore they can choose a career rather than a marriage and a family.
There’s also easy access to abortion and contraception, this means that women are more likely to use some form of contraception a lot more than they used to therefore they are unlikely to have a family, there’s also easy access to abortion and also abortion became legal which means that if they didn’t want to start a family then it’s easy to get rid of the baby.
There’s easy access to get a divorce which means that the family will divide into two smaller ones which then reduces the chances of the women having more children.
Using information from Items A and B and elsewhere, assess the causes and consequences of changes in the UK population.
Population change comes about because of the combines effects of the rates of births, deaths, emigration, immigration, war and contraception. This can result in a population shrinking or growing and becoming younger or older.
Economic factors have a major cause in changes to birth and death rates also in migration patterns. An example of this is industrialisation