Demonstative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication Communication is the activity of conveying information. Communication can be done thru a number of ways. It can be done face-to-face, emails, text messages, body language, etc. Communication can travel from a short distance to miles and miles around the universe. Communication plays a big part of our everyday lives. Be it verbal or non-verbal they are both forms communication.
Demonstrative communication is both non-verbal and unwritten communication. So, you ask what is non-verbal communications. Non-verbal communications are unwritten messages. Non-verbal communication is your body language, hand gestures, eye contacts and also includes facial expressions. Non-verbal communications can send mixed information to people if not careful. It’s either going to be positive or negative. Non-verbal communication is used more often than verbal communication. Think about it, you’re walking past an individual person. You both make eye contact, you never speak, but you nod at one another. Now, that could have a positive or negative impact on one person. You may have nodded at this individual because you know them or you nodded just because they did. It could mean either or. Non-verbal can say a lot. Depending on the situation your body language can play an effective part in your communicating. One’s body language needs to be lined up with their verbal message as well. For instance you’re going in for a job interview. It’s you and another candidate up for this position. It is with the light company and they are looking for an inside customer service representative. You will only deal with the public over the phone not in person. When you were called in for the interview, the human resources department stated this will be a very informal interview so please dress business casual it’s our free day. Subject A enters the interview dressed business casual, but no smile on her face. When spoken to she only nodded and sat down. Not even a hand shake was given. Very bad vibes came off Subject A. Subject B enters the interview smiling from ear to ear. Just making an over kill with the hand shaking the nodding of the head, speaking to everyone she comes in contact with. Making sure to acknowledge everyone she saw. Both interviews were completed and all sat down to give feedback on the Subjects A and B.
Subject A had an awesome resume and the skills to die for, but when entering the office she came across as not a people person. She didn’t speak to anyone. She barely acknowledged that they even existed. She felt that since she had the credentials to get this job she didn’t have to put in the work to get the job. Her body language (non-verbal) gave a negative vibe to