Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication Paper

Communication is the key for success, and the flow of information from one person to another. So rather you are applying for a position, in an interview, giving a speech, or just talking to friends and getting to know people there are several ways to communicate. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal. When speaking to someone, the tone of voice, and your body language are key in helping the other person understand the message you are trying to convey
Nonverbal communication sounds silly if you think about it. The first thing that pops in one's mind when thinking about communication is speaking to someone, rather it be over the phone or in person; you don't think about texting someone, writing an email, or letter. Really thinking about it though you start to wonder how people with hearing disabilities or people with speech disabilities, how do they communicate? Communication is information passed on from one person to another or group of others. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal. The biggest nonverbal communication to relate to is facial expression. Rather you write someone an email, text message, letter or so on if that person is reading what you wrote they are going to make a facial expression that will give you somewhat of an idea of what they are thinking about. If you write "I think your shirt is ugly" they probably are not going to have a very happy face. If you tell them "your shirt is very nice today" they may have a smile and a sign of happiness. Another form of nonverbal communication is body language. For example, when attending an interview, you want to show the employer that you are excited to be there, that you are eager to learn and hear about the job opportunity that you have applied for. If you were sitting there and you had your arms crossed, and were slouching in your chair it shows you are uninterested and don't care much for the job. If you are sitting up and straight, and slightly leaned in it shows you are eager, interested and that you are attentive. Another part of nonverbal communication can be gestures as well. Gestures can be both facial expression and body language as well, or you can use all of them with Verbal communication.
Verbal communication is what everyone thinks about when we talk about communicating. It is one of the biggest most common forms of communication. Verbal communication is really important when it comes to conveying a message rather it be in the work place or social settings. It is said that your tone and the way you convey your message is more important than the actual words. The tone of voice and your body language when conveying a message can make or break the message that is being translated form one person to another. It is sort of like disciplining your child, if you yell at your kid they know that what they did was wrong. If you tell your kid in a kind tone, that they are bad or have done something wrong and then follow that up with a hug, they will not understand the message you are trying to convey. They will not know if it was good or bad, and the chances of them doing it again are most likely. Even if you are not one to yell at your children you still have a tone, or look that lets them know it wasn't ok to do that. It seems in society today that verbal communication is becoming more and more scares. We now use technology to send these messages back and forth instead of face to face communication. What is the strongest form of communication? There isn't one way to use one form of communication vs. another that makes it better or worse. If you are conveying a message to another person and they know exactly what you are trying to say, because your…