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Demonstrative Communication
Colby Smith
April 29 2013
Steve Boylan

Demonstrative Communication
Communication is by far one of the most important factors in our daily success, the concept behind this is sending and receiving messages whether it be verbally or non-verbally or exchanging ideas by gestures, signs, signals, speech or writing. Demonstrative communication is a form of non-verbal or unwritten communication focusing on facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. This paper will break down the different aspects of demonstrative communication along the lines of how It can be effective and ineffective, positive and negative on the sender and receiver as well as how it involves listening and responding.

Effective and Positive
Demonstrative communication can be very effective when trying to express ones point and have a positive reaction when communicating with other individuals. Understanding how demonstrative communication works greatly can benefit you in a professional setting, take for instance you have a job interview or better yet you are going to a promotion board how you enter the room and present yourself immediately sends non-verbal signals of your stature. This can go into even further depth by your handshake, and your facial expressions are you smiling or do you appear to be unhappy, these factors play a role in how demonstrative communication allows you to express freely to others without ever saying an audible word. Nine times out of ten people do not even realize they are demonstrating any sort of non-verbal communication, it is a second nature aspect programmed into our brains when we are happy we smile when we are sad we frown so on and so forth. The positive outcome from this type of communication can benefit you in many ways, the first impression that your leadership or boss acquires from you is very important on there perspective of your personality and the quality of individual that you are.
Ineffective and Negative
As we know from above demonstrative communication can be effective but at the same time it can have ineffective results as well as negative ones to. As I mentioned before most people never realize the non-verbal communication signals that they can be sending off to the people around them. There are several things that can send off negative signals such as hairstyle, tattoos, the clothing you are wearing, the list could go on and on. This is where the understanding factor comes into play that every individual that you have an interaction with on a daily basis interprets things differently from the one before. This is why it becomes very important to be careful how you use demonstrative communication because it can very easily be imprecise and cause a misunderstanding. As beneficial as demonstrative communication can be there is a barrier that does not allow the individual to convey the message he or she is trying to send in full detail resulting in poor transmission of the information.
Listening and Responding
Like all other forms of communication demonstrative