demonstrative communication Essay

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Demonstrative communication can be effective in all situations if used properly. Using eye contact is a good way to show how serious you are and a way to make sure you are keeping the attention of your audience. In a face to face situation if you are lecturing an individual keeping eye contact and using a stern and steady voice with them will show them you are serious and that you mean what you are saying to them. If you were using different body language, for example looking away and a very low tone of voice, you would be sending the message that you are not sure of what you are saying. In this example people are likely to think you are not serious about what you are saying and could just blow off the conversation. Being the receiver in this situation, if you are the one being lectured, your best body language would be eye contact and intent concentration. This would show you are paying attention and care about what the sender is saying to you. If you were to, instead, look around the room and drift off into other thoughts or look at your cell phone and make weird faces your sender would get the feeling you were not paying attention and did not care about what they were saying to you. This could send the wrong message if you were the receiver and were being lectured you could be in even more trouble with these communications. Being the sender of these communication would tell the person being lectured by you that you were uncomfortable lecturing them and were not sure about