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Basing information about the benefits of having negative demonstrative communication and how is can affect the work place and personal life. In this essay you will see how demonstrative communication can be effective and ineffective, positive and negative, for the sender and receiver and how demonstrative communication involves listening and responding how each are effected in both positive and negative ways.
Communications is something that we use daily. As a baby it learns facial expression from those around him from a basic smile to a frown this can be emitted by the baby as soon as the first few months from birth. This is easily started from the sender to the receiver, in other words from the mother to the child. Now as the child grows they began to not only show facial communication with the care giver but now we have movement of the month to make sounds, hand signaling or pointing the item that they want, or my son it was raspberry sound to let me know that he is hungry and if he wanted something he would pick up the item with the same color to let me know what he wanted.

Communication in my home was completed changed and advance in different ways since my son was born on April 04, 2009 when I gave birth I was told by the doctors that my son had hearing problem and a fascial paralysis, which at the time I had no idea what to the with this information, the questions the twirled in my head was how will he hear me? How will he communicated with me?

As he grew I seen that he was teaching me a different style of communication which was signing with him we did fascial exercise daily that allow him to move his month, to create new words. The first sounds that he made were raspberries long pulls of raspberries were he was board and wanted to play, raspberries pause and raspberry again was he wanted juice and “ta” before raspberries meant that he wanted to eat or watch he favorite show. With this new a profound way that he communicated with me allowed me to look at the communication world in a whole different light; not only did this show me a different form of communication but I was able to create a comfortable environment for my son where I made shore that people around was able to speak his Lagrange and instead of forcing our form of communication on him.

Now my son is 5 years old he can speak hear and communication better the some of my co-workers or even pears, he can express his feeling and with a lot of repartition from his father and myself he is able to says work that has and “N, S, F,P, B,T. Z” yes these letter would seem to be normal sounds with anyone who do not have a fascial paralysis but with a lot of work and time he was able to not only say the words but spelling them too.

“Communication is and exchange of information via verbal or written massages and is the process of sending and receiving massages” (Communication 2012 Cheesebro, O’Connor, and Rois, 2010).

Communication to me always starts with the sender how it is given can determine the main outcome of the conversation that you are having with the receiver finding a great way to express yourself can determine everything; for example when you are writing your to make sure that each word is spelled correctly and your grammar, punctuation, noun sequencing and syntax is used in a correct form so that the receiver can understand what you are trying to express. Now when it comes to expressing yourself face to face with someone it have to use the correct tone of voice,