Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Demonstrative Communication Paper
David Arts
Prof. Lynda Sohl

Demonstrative Communication

When defining demonstrative communication, many people think that talking is the only means necessary but that would be an incorrect statement. I will be giving examples of not only ways to interact without using audible sounds but to communicate through body motions, paintings, and eye contact. These elements were the foundation of our society and are still a vital resource in today’s world. With having the ability to communicate without using your voice, you’re also developing your physical movements and adapting to what certain words mean to others. Having the skill of demonstrative communication is very similar to being tall and having the ability to be great at basketball.

Demonstrative communication has been proved highly effective in cases of people who are deaf, blind, and movement impaired. This has become a savior for many, especially for deaf people because sign language allows them to interact with people and have full conversations on a daily basis. The sender will be able to sign what they would like or are asking and the receiver, who knows sign language as well, will be able to sign back to them a response. By having someone who is able to sign, listening and responding becomes the same as if they were to hear them audibly. This has been a proved and successful method of demonstrative communication throughout many generations.
Another example of positive demonstrative communication would be through paintings and gestures. If you ever look at a painting there is always a message or story behind it. Mojave Indians used cave paintings as a way to tell others of migration routes and track seasons in which they would arrive or leave. Paintings have been around since the beginning of man and it was one of the only ways they knew how to communicate. The other way people seem to get their points across is through gesturing certain motions for different things. If I was wanting a Coke or a Pepsi but the person didn’t speak my language, I would just point to the product I wanted. The simple gesture of pointing or even trying to air draw what you want seems to be effective in most cases. If all else fails you can always just show money or currency, which seems to always help people understand what you want.

While there are always positive results to most things, negative issues seem to always follow, that could be said for demonstrative communication as well. As I have provided positive examples of sign language as a means of communicating, I will point out the negatives as well. Many people in the world do not know sign language fluently, so communicating with a