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Glen Gorman Jr.
July 23, 2013
Unit 2 Triple Play Marketing

With the ever increasing development in technology and the cut throat competition to be the number one Internet/Television provider in the nation. Lightspeedtelecom has set the bar as the leader in Multiple Systems Operations. There establishments located in all 50 states is one of the reasons Lightspeedtelecom is on top of the totem pole. Going into details on how Lightspeedtelecom has achieved this status will take a life time to cover. The unveiling of the New Triple Play package that will be available to consumers next month has set the bar even higher compared to other MSO companies that exist today. The package will be provided “free” to current subscribers that have been a company client for more than a year. The price on the package for new subscribers is $120.00 a month for 12 months. The package includes ultra-fast Internet speeds that have no buffering what so ever especially when watching movies or videos online due to the state of the art cabling such as fiber optics. Down loads speeds can reach up to 80Mbps. This is a celebration for clients that play online games and suffer the dreaded “Lag”. All 400+ channels will be in High Definition, DVR capabilities comes standard and all the premium channels are free for the first year and $10.00 a month extra after that. The package also includes unlimited local and long distance calls to anywhere in the world due to the fact the company uses both