Denali Science Project Essay

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Denali, Alaska

By: Gabbie DeVecco and Lisa

McKinley Travel Agency
“What happens in Denali, stays in Denali”
Denali Park is located next to North America’s highest mountain, Mt. McKinley, surpassing over 20,300 feet tall. The
National park is 6 million acres and allows you to see Alaska’s great wildlife such as moose, grizzly bears, wolves, sheep, and caribou. Denali Park offers a wide selection of lodging choices and an exciting set up of activities, and no one offers better
Denali lodging, hotels, tours and transportation than McKinley
Travel Agency.

Denali National Park

Denali is half the size of Slovakia
( 937,550 square miles)

Denali’s climate varies from season to season. In the summer the
North side is much hotter than the South . Maritime zone is 90°, in
July the temperature is 50°-60°, average is 66° in short summers with 22° range. Snow is frequent in the fall. Winters are harsh and extreme. The North side is usually -50° with a 68° range. In January the average temperature is 11° and low is -7°. There are short springs and winters last into March and April.
Mount Tundra Wonder Lake

Day 1
•Breakfast at Grizzly Grille
•A Tundra Wilderness Tour
•Dinner at Nenana View Grille
Day 2
•Breakfast at Courtyard Café
•3-4 hour guided hike
•Whitewater Rafting
•Dinner at place of choosing
Triple Lakes Trail Hike

Nenana View Grille

Whitewater rafting

Geological Process
Plate Tectonics created the landscapes.

Mt. McKinley