Denise The Means Of Denise A Potent

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Everyone hates being around a little toe headed 8 year old kid. The one charter that I am most similar too would be Denise the means from Denise the means movie. First, me and Denise the means has a lot I common where like two peas in a pot. Second, we both can be very annoying, aggresse, mean and rude. Last, we are like two lions in the wild together plus we have almost the same personalities. As can be seen, I am very, very, very, very much like Denise the means because we are like two peas in a pot. First of all, me and Denise is very similar in our human personality such as we can both be very obnoxious, mean, rude and spoiled. Plus he loves being outdoors and catching wildlife such as rollpolles, snakes, beetles, spiders, rabbits,