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Section 1- Terms of Reference
This report was requested by ABC components to investigate suitable conference destinations for their clients. The report will investigate Copenhagen and will cover the following areas: Location including climate, time zone, cultural information, language, currency, accommodation, conference facilities, attractions, amenities and how to get there. From the findings a conclusion will be drawn and recommendations put forward to assist the clients in their choice of conference destination.
Section 2 – Main Sections
Background of Copenhagen
The suitable destination which I have chosen for the conference is Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and was voted one of the richest cities in Europe in 2012. Since the city got this title, it has attracted a lot of business and conference visitors. Copenhagen has had to raise its standards so it can compete with other destinations and has done so drastically, through this hard work Copenhagen is now the conference destination of Europe.
The population of Copenhagen is 1,967,727. The city’s geographical location is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand and 42km North West to Sweden. The layout of the city stretches across parts of the island Amager.
The location of Copenhagen is shown in the diagram, listed as figure 1, in the appendices section.
The Delegates will arrive at Glasgow International Airport for a 13.20 British Airways departure, which will arrive in London Heathrow Airport at 14.45. Then they will get a connecting flight to Copenhagen at 16.10. The flight time is one hour and forty-five minutes; the Delegates will be in Copenhagen at 17.55. The cost of this flight is two hundred and nineteen pounds. From Copenhagen airport the Delegates would get to the Hilton Copenhagen, by walking two minutes from terminal 3 arrival hall, the hotel is clearly signed posted. If the delegates would like to get a taxi from the airport the starting fare is DKK150.
The climate for Copenhagen is shown in the diagram, listed as figure 2, in the appendices section. This diagram shows the weather all year round.
As the delegates will be visiting Copenhagen in the autumn time, autumn comes in early September and lasts till November. Throughout this period the average high stands at 11°C while the low often drops below 3°C. September and October receives more than 60mm of rainfall. Gradually the days become much shorter and the sunshine hours reduce less than two hours in November.

The delegates will be staying at the Hilton Copenhagen, Airport hotel, which was awarded ‘’Denmark’s leading business hotel’’ in 2010. The hotel is awarded with three stars. The delegates are situated 0.1 miles from the airport and a ten minute walk to the conference center, which is an ideal brisk walk in the morning. The Hotel has three hundred and eighty two rooms. The hotel rooms are broken down into category’s and have the total number of rooms for the specific type of room which are listed as follows: Hilton Guest Rooms: 210 Rooms, Hilton Guest Room Plus (family rooms): 10 Rooms, Hilton Deluxe Rooms: 66 Rooms, Hilton Executive Rooms: 61 Rooms, Hilton Executive Plus Rooms: 30 Rooms, Executive Suites: 4 Suites, Presidential Suites: 1 suite. From the hotel all amenities and attractions are accessible by bus or taxi which are short distances.

The facilities offered at the Hilton, Copenhagen are a Business Centre, meeting rooms,