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Lab 1 : Density

Objective : To determine an unknown metal by calculating its density.
An old riddle asks, “which is heavier, a pound if feathers or a pound of lead?” The answer to the question is obviously, the same. But even though they have the same mass, there is clearly something different about the small lead brick and the large bag of feathers. To answer this, you first have to understand the relationship between the substance’s mass and the volume it occupies. The relationship is expressed by the physical property called density. Density is defined as the ratio of a substance’s mass to the volume it occupies. Density = mass of substance (g) Volume of substance (mL)
In this experiment you want to find out how to calculate the density of several unknown materials. You will do this by measuring the mass and volume and explore the relationship between the mass and volume of the materials to calculate their density.
Materials :
Safety Goggles
Electronic or triple beam balance
25 mL graduated cylinder
Metric ruler
Metal samples
Paper towels
1) Determine the mass of two different samples to the nearest 0.01g.
2) Find the volume of each metal sample by water displacement. Fill 25mL graduated cylinder about half full with water. Measure and record the volume as “volume of water alone” in the data table. Be cautious of meniscus.
3) Tilt the graduated cylinder and carefully slide…