Dental Assistant Personal Statement

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Being forced to move back to my parents’ house, I was frustrated for the fact that I could not provide any necessities for my family. Moving town to town looking for a job that could pay me enough, always seemed impossible. I was tired of working long hard hours to get a few dollars more than the minimum. Fortunately, I was offered the opportunity to attend college, not really knowing what to expect or what to major in, I took the opportunity. My educational plan was set up to take general education for the first two semesters, so I can decide on my major. My counselor suggested a career in Dental Assistance. This career seems suitable to my personality, but was not sure about it. At that moment, I was ready for a positive change but was not sure where it was headed. Now that I am in the middle of my goal not only will I complete it, but I decided to make it into a long-term goal. …show more content…
Being a dental assistant opens the door to a great field, that if you take advantage of you could grow in it. The different ways of working in the dental field gave me the security that if I get tired in one position I can move to another. Therefore, The Chaffey College Dental Programs are in demand and have a waiting list. I was so determined to start the program, that it took me 3 weeks to accumulate all the requirements needed for the program, even thought I was given 2 months to gather them. I felt confident with my major decision, because I took the time to interview friends in the field and DAs in my son’s dental office. They all had different experiences, but one thing in common, the great feeling they get in helping others feel better about themselves. Not only will I be helping others improve their dental health and appearance, but at the same time I am showing my two boys that a college education is a necessity to have a positive impact on