Dental Hygienist Personal Statement

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I believe that oral health is vitally important and an invaluable branch of today’s healthcare system. I am passionate about this profession because I consider a simple smile to be the most elegant physical attribute people possess. Our smile, our teeth, allows us to show the world our individuality. I want to aid in the preservation of people’s oral hygiene and successfully diagnose, treat, and assess any cosmetic complications or oral diseases a patient may have. I believe in providing quality dental care to the best of my abilities and treating patients with the utmost respect. I am a firm believer that a smile can last a lifetime, and what makes me happy is seeing someone else smile because I put it there. I think many people could benefit …show more content…
I would like to education my patients on the value or oral health and how good maintenance is a necessity. One day, I wish to accomplish my lifelong goal of traveling to third world countries to help others how to maintain a healthy oral lifestyle; which I hope to continue putting smiles upon people’s faces. Until then, I would like to learn as much as possible by engaging in oral research and from my fellow colleges, and dentists. My goal is to become the best dental hygienists I can be for my patients. I think that the acquisition of knowledge is not something that will stop once a degree is obtained, but will continue throughout my career. For this reason, an ambition of mine would be to learn and grow as a health care professional and contribute to the advancement of oral science through my education. The profession of dental hygienist inspires me because I am a strong advocate for helping others. I have always been interested in the dental field, and dental hygiene is what calls to me. I believe I have what it takes to be successful in dentistry and I know that I will put in everything I have into making my dream of being a dental hygienist into a