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Complex treatment which includes bridgework, crowns dentures and sport mouth guard. In addition it charged a lot because the NHS are losing customers which mean they are losing money ,and on the other hand you do not have to pay for NHS dental treatment if, when the treatment starts, you are: * aged under 18 * under 19 and receiving full-time education * pregnant or have had a baby in the previous 12 months * staying in an NHS hospital and your treatment is carried out by the hospital dentist * An NHS hospital dental service outpatient (however, you may have to pay for your dentures or bridges).
I think they are using this low income scheme to get customer and to be able to encourage more individuals to have a dental treatment which then the NHS can carry on. As result of these changes and the introduction of a new payment system there was a lot of confusion this resulted in confusion and elements of chaos. Many dentists left the NHS to set up and work in the private sector. In some areas this left a huge gap where people were unable to register with dentists, as NHS practices were fully booked.
“The increased cost of dental treatments has led to fall in dental appointments, this is particularly true where ethnic minorities, are concerned due to lack of understanding and health information about the importance of oral dental. This being particularly true of males from the ethnic minorities
People in my local area avoiding going to the dentist as the cost of dental treatments is regarded as being too high and many of the people in my local area due to ethnic groups and some of their groups are less likely to go to the dentist compared to other groups in the area there is not enough information to inform them about the importance of significant drop and this could lead to major health problems due to associated problem linked to bad oral health. In addition many of NHS dentists moved in the private sector as there are not many NHS dentists and from my research some people claimed that they were unable to register with an NHS dentist as they are fully booked.

Specific: To test this hypothesis I will be creating a questionnaire which then I can collect information about my local area Brent, and find out why people don’t attend their dentist and also other reasons which could have related to that dentist. The participants used will be picked at random ensuring a sufficient number of people take part on covering 19-45 year old, both gender and other information. This will help to eliminate bias from the project, and will give more correct result within this investigation. The method used to collect the data will be an individual questionnaire
Measurable: approximately 50 females and 50 males will be taking my questionnaire, this will total to 100 people will who I will gave a questionnaire. There are a lot of people in Brent that’s why I will be giving the questions out to the student and teachers in my school.
Realistic: using 20 students from 5 year groups will give me a total of 100 students; this will allow me to processes everything because it’s a controllable number.
Time: 12th march I will be likely to collect everything and, it will be processed in order for me to finish the investigation.
Data to be collected
To prove or disprove this hypothesis it will be essential to collect several types of data. The participant must be from (19-45) years old. Once the information has been collected it will be processed and the data will identify, what are the main things is to investigate why people don’t attend their dentist. I will use a spread sheet to process all the information which I carried out. I will need to list questions that I think I will need to gather data in order for me to prove or disprove my hypothesis.
People in my local area do not go to the dentist as they consider the cost of dental treatment to be too high. This means that they do not go to the