Dentistry and Dental Office Essay

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The dental office has many exciting areas in which to be a team member. Chairside assisting is an example of one such area. Assistants are utilized to their fullest capabilities. They must possess extensive knowledge in order to truly be effective at the chair. Dentists appreciate assistants who can anticipate their needs as operators and help them treat their patients. Efficient chairside assistants will increase the overall production of dental practices by aiding dentists in completing their procedures more quickly and more effectively.

Concepts and Skills
Knowledge of the following concepts and skills are necessary to become a licensed, highly skilled, and efficient chairside dental assistant. Chairside assisting is divided into ten main topics:

Layout of a Dental Office
Equipment in the Operatory (Treatment Room)
Chair Positions
Light Positions
Clock Concept of Operating Zones
Delivery of Dental Care
Local Anesthetics and Analgesics
Dental Support Aides
Other Duties of Dental Assistants
Dental Specialties
Layout of a Dental Office
A dental office can be organized in many ways. Some dentists prefer to work out of many operatories, while others will choose to work out of two treatment rooms. All offices will have the areas listed below. An informed assistant should be cross-trained to assist the dentist in the best way possible.

Reception Area

Patients enter this area first when arriving at the dental office. First impressions are important. This area can be decorated in any way the dentist chooses, but it should be welcoming and calming. It is important to straighten up the reception area continually throughout the day.

Front Desk

The front desk handles the business operations of the dental office. The assistant at the front desk is responsible for making appointments, answering the phone, insurance billing, patient invoicing, treatment-plan presentation (in some offices), and handling all financial matters.

Operatory or Treatment Rooms

This is where all dental services