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Deonta Wallace
Hello everyone my name is Deonta Wallace I here with you today to talk to you guys about a wonderful person name Katherine Jones she is 19 years old she also lives with my mom dad and older brother Thomas which have played a big role in who she is today. She has a great relationship with her whole family. When Katherine was in the 9th grade she had to overcome a very hard obstacle to make her into a stronger person that you see today. In 9th grade Katherine was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as anxiety. She was severely depressed and not in a good state of mind. When she was in her young age she enjoyed interacting with children with special needs, she felt good about the fact that they could easily interact with her. At one point she was in a walking for wellness class that had a special needs group which required an aid. She sat with the small group of special needs children in the class because she felt comfortable. One day while she was in class she was on the track walking and she heard a little voice in the distance calling her name over and over and it was a little girl with special needs whom she had sat with during class, the little girl asked if she could walk with her, the aid that was watching over her broke down into tears because the little girl had never really spoken, it made Katherine extremely happy to know that she could connect with her. From that day on the other special needs children in the class would walk…