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Sexual Orientation
DEP2004 391628
Term B, 2013

Annotated Bibliography

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Heading 1: The basics of sexual orientation.

American Psychological Association. (2008). “Answers to your questions: For a better understanding of sexual orientation and homosexuality.” Washington, D.C. Web.

The American Psychological Association states that sexual orientation is an enduring pattern of emotional and sexual attractions to men, women, or both of the sexes. There are 2 different types of sexual orientation; heterosexual which is attraction to the opposite sex (man and woman), gay/lesbian which is attraction to the same sex (man and man, woman and woman), and bisexual which is attraction to both of the sexes. According to most scientific research, most people know their sexual orientation by middle childhood or early adulthood. Prejudice makes it difficult for people to be open about their sexual orientations.

PT Staff. (2007) "Genes Influence Gender Identity." Http:// Web.

Psychology today says that sexual identity may be something you are born with, not something you choose. Genes play an important role in the development of sexual orientation. Eric Vilain is an assistant professor of genetics at UCLA. He compared the activity level of genes in male and female brains in 10 day old embryonic mice. He found 18 genes that were strongly active in male brains and 36 in female brains. This suggests that genes probably have a lot to do with shaping gender in the mammalian brain.

Heading 2: Religion and Sexual Orientation

Mattox, William. (2013) "Sexuality More like Religion than Race: Column." USA Today.
Gannett, 10 Web.

William Mattox believes that race and gender are evident the day the child is born. However, no one can be sure of the child religion or sexual orientation. Just because a child is raised from a certain religion doesn’t mean that they will continue to follow it. He believes that even though there may be a genetic component of sexual orientation, some people will be unsure and experiment with different things until they figure out their sexual orientation. He believes that sexual orientation is like religion. (2013)"American Civil Liberties Union." American Civil Liberties Union. N.p., 2013. Web

Some ways that people use religion to discriminate against sexual orientations they don’t believe in are religiously affiliated schools firing single women who become pregnant, pharmacies denying women’s request to fill birth control prescriptions, and bridal salons closing their doors to same sex marriage. The article states that just because we have the freedom of religion doesn’t mean we should use it to discriminate against people with different sexual orientations.

Heading 3: Homophobia
Meyer E. (2010) Homophobia & Suicide: “A Wake Up Call for Parents and Educators” Psychology Today;

As the suicide rate for homosexuals increase, Meyer has been doing research for 7 years. She has came to the conclusion that the people in the victims lives should handle the issue more effectively. She says teachers need to educate themselves on sexual orientation and intervene in discrimination, school leaders need to change harassment policies to have no tolerance for discrimination, schools need to build relationships with groups that support efforts, parents need to unconditionally support their children no matter their sexuality, and students need to stand up to their peers. Homophobia greatly increases the suicide rates of homosexuals.

Bryner J. (2012) “Homophobes May Be Hidden Homosexuals” Live Science

A new study shows that people that are hostile against gays and lesbians are more than likely homosexual as well. In one experiment, the researchers measured sexual orientation by having the participants choose to browse opposite