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1. Ben Franklin was born in Boston in 1706 to a large, religious family. Although he only had about two years of formal schooling, Ben’s love of reading led to his first job (at age 12) as an apprentice ___________________________.Find the answer at: 2. Ben also loved to write. When he was 16, his writings were published in his brother's newspaper under the name of ________________________. His letters were popular — until his brother found out who sent them!Find the answer at: 3. Ben began publishing his own newspaper, The ___________________, _______________ at age 22, and then wrote a best-selling annual book of weather reports, recipes, and advice called ________________________ _________________.Find the answer at: 4. Ben earned so much from printing that he wanted to invest in his community. He started the first ______________________ in 1731, and Philadelphia’s first ______________ (of which he was voted chief) in 1736. Find the answer at: 5. In his free time, Ben was a great inventor, creating bifocals and the first wood stove. He even proved that lightning is a form of ___________________, and invented the _______________________. Find the answer at: 6. Ben’s study of the natural world also made him an important scientist. Though his kite experiment is his most famous, he also chased _______________, forecast weather, and charted the