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Depression My client Gabriella was born November 20th 1994 .Being the youngest of the three siblings, she has a brother who is 21 and another brother the age of 27. Her parents were divorced when she was the age of three. After her mother was remarried twice . My client stated she started to feel a bit depressed about eight months ago, she was soon to be diagnose with depression and anxiety in the last four months. She recently has stopped taking her medication with mood stabilizers simply because she doesn’t like them. Gabriella sees her therapist at least twice a month . My client claims to love her therapist named Stuart. Her parents have been supportive but not really trying to understand why. Gabriella, since being with her depression has felt weak physically. She tends to wake up with a sore body every morning when she wakes up. Some days she states that her arms will feel sore and other times other parts of her body will tend to be sore as well, such as her legs , fingers, hands , wrist , and calves . I asked if she normally drinks water she said rarely , I believe her body is not getting enough proper nutrients for her to body to be healthy. Which is making her body work twice as hard and wearing herself out. I’ve noticed while massaging her body , that she has really loose skin even though she seems to be all skin and bones. My client also claims to get headaches every so often, probably because she so overwhelmed with her conditions. I really believe that if she drinks more water throughout her daily living that it could aid in the problems she has. Dehydration takes a huge toll on the body . Some of the symptoms from dehydration are similar to the symptoms my clients been having such as headaches, weakness, fatigue, and dizziness. Water composes of 75 percent of the brain and if she has lack of water that could lead to having headaches. Also 75 percent of our muscles is made up of water , which is also why my client may be feeling fatigue and tired . Water is just key for our body to function. My client has also developed carpal tunnel in the right wrist , which is a condition that affects her wrist. Carpal tunnel can be as little as a tingling in the hand to a burning sensation. Some people even say it’s hard for them to make their hand in a fist position. Although my client hasn’t had problems forming a fist she does get a pulling in her wrist as well as soreness. Overall physically she hasn’t been doing so well. Emotionally Gabriella has not been stable. From her parents being separated at the age of three and not truly knowing how having a family is must be rough. Especially since her parents live together but basically just as roommates . She states that her depression came out of nowhere, and that she doesn’t know why she is depressed. From feeling sad so much she had developed anxiety along with her depression. She says her anxiety is hard for her to breathe and when she’s calm she tends to be in the sad state of mind again. Recently she says her depression has been getting better , she has been now getting angry than being sad. Her therapist says that going from being sad to angry is a sign of improvement in dealing with her depression. Within time she would be able to move on from it. Along