Essay about Depression: Bipolar Disorder and Life

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I was a happy person and love to live the happy life but suddenly, a year ago, my life style changed. I remained sad all the time. I stopped all outgoing activities with my friends and family. I preferred to lock myself in a dark room, alone. In the beginning of this change in my life, I had some headaches, but as time passed, it got worse and worse. I was attacked by some other symptoms, as well. I lost my interest in the daily activities; my sleeping habits were changed, and I was sleeping more than usual. On these days, I gained weight: probably twenty five pounds in just four months. I was irritable all the time and always fighting and yelling at my parents and friends for no reason. I lost many of my good friends due to that. I lost my interest in studies as well because I was not able to concentrate on studies properly; I lost my grades and GPA due to that reason. I dropped many classes as well due to not doing the home work on time and failing the exams. I was kept on feeling sick and tired; I stopped doing all kind of sports and workouts due to my tiredness. I always wanted to cry for no reason, and usually when I was alone in the room I started crying. Sometimes I had thoughts that I do not have any purpose of living in this word and everyone else is better than me, so I have to die, so I started thinking to commit suicide. My parents noticed these changes in me and told me to take an appointment with the doctor. I went to my doctor and discussed with him on all the issues and problems I was facing. After listening all my symptoms carefully, the doctor told me that, I am suffering from depression and he put me on medications. Depression has effects and can be treatable through three ways, which the doctors mostly use to treat, is psychotherapy, antidepressant drug and hospitalization.
When a person sense or feel sadness and his physical and emotional behavior changes than it unquestionably mean that, he is depressed. Depression affects the whole personality of the person because it relates to the mood change. For example, if a person loves to play music and suddenly he lost his interest in playing music than it obviously means that he is depressed. It eats all the fun stuff and joy away from the life. It is a serious mental disorder which results in numerous disappointment and negative feelings in person’s life. As depression disturbs the whole circular system of the body, so this disease has many symptoms, but some of the key symptoms which each depressed person suffer are constant headaches, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, appetite or weight change, sleep changes, anger or irritability, loss of energy and concentration problems.
Headaches are one of the major symptoms of depression. It is a beginning stage of depression. All headaches are not due to depression. Depression headaches are specific. The patient can feel these types of headaches fifteen to twenty times a month. When theses headaches start, than it remains there from five minutes to whole day. It strikes when the patient stressed out or doing some important work. The vast majority of people who suffers from depression headaches are those who are financially unstable, single parents, working mothers and those people who are substance abusers or poorly educated. The headaches are the bearer between person and his work because the person cannot work properly when he is in pain. Headaches cause the brain to stop working so the person suffering from it cannot think properly, so to get rid of pain, the patient needs to have some rest or use pain killers.
Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness could be the most frustrating feeling the depressed patient has ever experienced. The thinking of hopelessness creates a negative view of the future and the patient thinks that he will never get change and helplessness put the feeling of the negative view of himself. It affects the self confidence of the