Essay Depression: Bipolar Disorder and Manic Cycles

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Because of its many effects, depression, a state of low mood and aversion to activity, can cause many different feelings in a person. For some, depression can be a disorder or just a normal reaction to certain events. Depending on the causes of depression, the type of depression can be determined and ultimately the treatment to stop it. Depression has its main causes that any physician can detect (Woods). Depression can be brought on by any type of abuse; mental abuse such as stress or constant worrying, physical abuse such as being beaten by a spouse, or even sexual abuse, most commonly rape. Depression can also be caused by the death or loss of a loved one. Although sadness or grief is a natural occurrence, it can last long in the form of depression (Fancher). I know that my mom was very depressed after my grandma passed. She was always sad, slept all the time, and just wasn’t herself. After constant reminder that my grandmother was in better place, my mother soon came out of her depression. A person may even use drugs because they are depressed. Thirty percent of people are affected by substance abuse. They often use drugs because they are depressed. After constantly using them, they may even become addicted to the drugs. The many causes of depression can determine the type of depression. A person can be suffering from major depression. Depending on the person, major depression can occur only once in a lifetime (Woods). This form of depression can cause a person to have several outbreaks in a lifetime. If chronic, treatment for this form of depression will have to continue possibly for one’s entire lifetime. Dysthymia is another common form of depression (Fancher). A person can experience cycling mood changes or what’s called manic cycles. Manic cycles cause a person to experience over activity, affecting their thinking and judgment, and also causes them to feel