Finding The Correct Medication For Depression Takes Time

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Down in the Dumps!
Finding the correct medication for depression takes time. First the patient must be evaluated by a medical professional. Once the doctor has properly diagnosed the patient the real work begins. Most often patients are prescribed different medications at different doses, searching for the best medication for the patient. Treating depression successfully, takes time, patience and the willingness to get better. Many doctors believe depression should be treated with medication; however I believe real treatment is a direct result of combining medication and therapy. Waking up in the morning became the most difficult task I had ever faced. Many times I remember it hurt so bad I couldn't get out of bed. When I did made it out of bed, every step I took there after felt as though it would be my last. The misery went on for years. Finally the day came I had enough torment, I ended my silent suffering and asked for help. Six different medications at various dosages and finally I started to feel relief from the emotional and physical anguish. The inner struggle of depression is suffocating.
As if the emotional suffering wasn't enough, it came with physical effects as well. One major symptom I felt was fatigue. Pure exhaustion often dictated how my day went. The feeling of being completely drained was crippling. My bones, joints and just about entire body was screaming with agony. When I was finally on the correct medication my physical alimants decreased significantly. I still had major emotional distress, something felt missing. The physical effects of depression are just as painful the emotional ones.