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Depression Having a loved one in your family with a disorder such as depression can be a very emotional and difficult subject to handle at times. It is important that when dealing with a person suffering with depression, to remember to just be there for them. Depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life like they once did. Just getting through the day can be overwhelming. Someone with depression will often get defensive, so an accusatory tone is not helpful. I would try to convey a sense of understanding. Instead of asking questions like: “why can’t you just do this?” I would ask “what can I do to help you with this?”
Depression is an awful illness, a whole world away from pure sympathy seeking. I would make sure that my cousin knows that I am on their side, and not trying to be against them with anything. I am just there to help and be someone who cares. It is important to give plenty of reassurance also. Many people suffering with depression feel unworthy of being loved. In a similar vein, they may have lost the ability to recognize their positive attributes. Something so small as reminding them of how wonderful a person they are can do so much for their mood improvement. If said repeatedly and with absolute sincerity then it is helpful to say, “If you ever need a friend, I am here.” Even if it is my cousin, they know I am still there to be a friend.
Someone with depression can spend a lot of time ruminating on his or her situation and feeling sorry for him or her. Pointing it out to them is not helpful. If I want to introduce a treatment idea, I would make sure to be respectful about the seriousness of depression. Not every treatment works for each person the same. I cannot just tell them I saw something in a magazine and it works that they need to try it now. I would reassure them that it is important to stay on their medications, and continue seeing their doctor. If I did read something in a magazine, I would mention that I found information and ask if they would be interested in looking into it with me. I would never try to push my cousin into anything. I would offer to go to the doctor appointments with him or her. I would also