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(a) The main features were:

• There was a President who could use article 48 which allowed him to make decisions without needing to get approval
• They had proportional representation which allowed small parties to gain seats
• All Germans had equal rights
• Certain states could keep some of its traditions

(b) The Weimar republic had multiple threats during the period up to the end of 1923. One of the most famous ones was the Kapp Putsch which consisted of a right wing Nationalist Wolfgang Kapp decided to stand against the government as he felt backstabbed and betrayed after the Treaty of Versailles was signed, he marched ex soldiers into Berlin in a bid to overthrow the Government, however the Public went on strike and they were forced to leave, this was a threat because it showed that people were beginning to rebel against them and that the Weimar Republic is not very popular amongst everyone. Another point to support this was the Munich Putsch led by future dictator Adolph Hitler, the Nazi’s were a relatively small party at this time although Hitler firmly believed that he had enough support to be able to take over Berlin, He was mistaken however and he was betrayed as two nationalists told the Police of his plans and they were stopped and he was thrown into Jail, this was a threat because it showed that Anti-Weimar Republic Governments were gaining more support and plotting revolutions however it showed that they can handle the situation. Hyper inflation was a