Essay on Derp: Ethics and Human Life

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RETURN TO PARADISE 1. The way media treats stories involving humans is an ethical issue because it often exploits the subjects of the story. It has a heavy influence on the perspective readers/viewers have of the subject. The media treatment of human ‘stories’ encourages a reductionist outlook and reduces others to an object which can be exploited to benefit the reporters. This ethical issue is present in the film when Beth is constantly bothered by a reporter insisting she can help Lewis by running the story. Beth asks that the reporter wait until after the trial but she still persists. Eventually getting impatient, the reporter decides to run the story regardless of Beth’s pleas and ultimately leads to his hanging.
Drug use is heavily displayed at the beginning of the film and is the main reason behind all of the decision making in the film. Drug use is an ethical issue as it can have a heavy effect on a person’s judgement of what’s right and wrong and can prevent a person from making the morally right decision. This ethical issue can and often will lead to a person making a wrong and often harm not only the person, but potentially others as well. E.g. Consuming alcohol and driving. Drug use is present in the film as the reason behind Lewis’ imprisonment. It is because of the hashish found on Lewis’ property, purchased by Sheriff and Tony, which caused him to have his life at risk in the first place.
Devaluation of human life is a prominent ethical issue in this film with Lewis’ life seeming less and less valuable to Sheriff and Tony. The devaluation of human life is an ethical issue because it objectifies human beings and can often make a person feel worthless and disposable. This ethical issue also encourages a reductionist outlook in which a human is being reduced to an object and makes them feel as though their worth is comparable with an object. 2. Sheriff’s ethical world view at the beginning of the film is very self-centred. He lives a very hedonistic and individualistic lifestyle and doesn’t care about the affect his choices have on the people around him. This becomes apparent when he sells information to a reporter about one of his clients without thought of how it may affect that person. Sheriff also shows his interest in the material things in the world as he sells the information for money for himself. He has no intention of sharing this money and only wants the reward for himself. After talks with Beth and seeing the video in which Lewis pleads him and Tony to return to Penang, his world views begin to change. He adopts a humanistic world view and realises that the world doesn’t revolve around him. He realises life is precious and that his life of self-gratification has left him void of any meaningful sense of purpose and direction. Not only does seeing Lewis’ state change his lifestyle, but his relationship with Beth helps him feel loved and…