Derrick Rose Research Paper

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Steven Hermosillo
Professor Bean
English 201
20 October 2015
The Long Journey of Derrick Rose According to Danny Webster, sports writer for ESPN, writes that “In the mid 90s, Charles Barkley famously said, in a Nike Ad, that “I am not a role model” which served note to parents that they should be the major source of influence in a child’s life and not professional athletes.” Unlike Charles Barkley, Derrick Rose feels that he has a role to play in teenagers lives. Derrick Rose was raised by a single mother in the bad part of Chicago and has been in the NBA for eight seasons (Strauss). Rose managed to keep basketball on his mind to try to get out of the bad neighborhood. There are numerous factors that can make up a hero including being altruistic
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Ben Strauss writes that ''Most players, at some point in their career, they're going to deal with injury. That he made it through the A.C.L., I think that gives him a frame of reference to deal with this one.'' Derrick Rose already proved that he can recover from major knee injury already, but he still has to prove himself to world all over again and show that his hard work could end up in a successful rehab. According to sportswriter, Andrew Keh, “Derrick has gone through so much over the last couple of years -- so much pain not being able to play basketball games -- but he's somebody who has a lot of confidence in himself, more than anybody I've ever been around.” This was his teammate Joakim Noah talking about how Derrick Rose has confidence in himself in recovering from his knee injuries and his hard work does not go unnoticed. “After all he's been through - surgeries, hours of rehab, uncertainty about his future - Rose, who has missed over 180 games the past four seasons, is savoring every moment back in the postseason” (Rose). Rose has had two major knee injuries including a torn ACL and a torn meniscus. Everyone knows that there was hard work needed in the rehab and the journey was not an easy one. Nancy Armour states that “'No doubt at all in my mind, I expect him to come back fully recovered and be better than ever… It's not a death sentence. It's not a death sentence for him, it's not a death sentence …show more content…
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