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Ernesto Martinez
February 10, 2012
Period 6

“A Rose for Emily” Questions

1. Some elements in a Rose for Emily that makes it a horror story is the grey hair near Homer's, Tobe's willingness to help a mean crazy old woman, and Miss Emily staying in the house with her father's dead body for several days. What makes this story an example of Southern Gothic Fiction is, the setting of Emily’s old southern home, the interior of her house is very gothic like, and in a rose for Emily it contains a character who has a very dark side.

2. When I first read the story I thought it was very slow and then the ending came out of no where and was a surprise. I knew that Homer was dead but I never thought that Emily would be sleeping with a dead corpse for all those years.

3. Yes my views of the earlier scenes did change because the earlier scenes were all clues to a surprise ending. Examples of foreshadowing is how Emily did not want to give up her fathers body, Emily buys poison, then lastly the house smells.

4. In A Rose for Emily there are basically three main conflicts in the story. The three conflicts include Emily vs reality, Emily vs herself, and Emily vs her father. Therefor since Emily is the protagonist I believe that her father is the antagonist.

5. The function it serves in the story is that it’s another conflict in the story because it is something Emily will have to overcome if she does not offer the story of her lover because it will be nearly impossible to overcome taxes from all those years.

6. My view of the narrator does not change my reception of the story because it is told from a townsperson but I feel that he is just giving us clues to figure it out instead of just telling us straight forward what happened. Faulkner uses this particular narrator because if he were to use Emily she would tell us all the details forward instead the author is using this narrator to have us figure out all the clues together. We know that he is not Emily and is a townsperson.

7. Miss Emily is a fallen monument because she was on a pedestal, not having to pay her taxes and maintaining her house properly. Her fall from the pedestal is that of a fallen monument. The reason of her fallen monument is that her family went al l downhill since the civil war. She is sitting on a pedestal in her own mind because of her dominating father and family feel they are above all others.

8. Roses for Emily has a couple references to the Civil War. Such as, when the narrator makes reference to the Union and Confederate dead in the cemetery. Then when the soldiers go to Emily’s funeral. The references mean that Emily appears to part of a different time period then in society in which she lived.
9. I believe the meaning behind the story is that is signifying how long it’s been since Emily has actually paid taxes using some kind of foundation for the time period.

10. Yes it does matter because it shows that he cant physically be an antagonist to Emily so that this whole thing may just be in her head and make it Emily vs herself instead of Emily vs her father.

11.To vanquish them horse and foot means that she sent all corners away, be they on horse or walking. She is not being compared to anything but her actions help the townspeople excuse their behavior.

12. The significance of sidewalks is that they provide Emily with a way of meeting Homer Barron. Sidewalks also serve as a sense of progression for the town, it shows that the town is slowly advancing into the 20th century.

13. What I think that happened to the minister called upon Emily is that he left because in the context people of the town send the minister to talk to her. But the minister is quiet and does nothing. In some way Emily told him toleave by being rude or saying something about her relationship with Homer.

14. We are not surprised that Homer disappears because Emily bought the arsenic without having a reason for it foreshadowed that she was going