Describe Afonso D Alboquerque As A Portuguese Warriors?

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Chapter 22-Key Questions-pgs 476-486 1. What are trading posts? 2. Where and how did the Portuguese build trading posts? 3. Describe Afonso d’Alboquerque as a Portuguese commander. 4. How were English and Dutch trading posts similar to the Portuguese? Different? 5. Fully explain trading companies. Include what they are, and why they were formed. 6. What islands in Southeast Asia were conquered by Europeans? 7. Describe European policies and rule in the following locations: a. Philippines b. Manila c. Java 8. How were Russian working to build a large empire as well? 9. What commodity were explorers venturing into Siberia for? 10. How did natives of Siberia feel about Russians? Explain the different reactions and WHY they reacted that way. 11. What types of competition and conflict were going on in the 17th and early 18th centuries? 12. Explain the causes and effects of the Seven Years War.

Chapter 24-Key Questions

Directions: Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper. Make sure you work individually. Except for #25, your answers should just be in note form, not complete sentences.

1. Describe the encomienda system (include encomenderos ) 2. What were the effects of small pox on the Americas? (immediate and longer term) 3. What money making possibility drew the majority of European countries to establish colonies in the Americas? 4. How was Cortes able to conquer the Aztecs (more than 1 reason!!) 5. How did Pizarro treat the Incans? What did they do? 6. Describe how the Spanish ruled their colonies. 7. To what extent did the colonial government follow the king’s wishes? 8. What was the Treaty of Tordesillas? 9. What made the Portuguese want to establish a colony in Brazil? 10. Explain how North America settled by Europeans. 11. How did the French and the English treat the