Describe In Writing How God Is Present In Life

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Assignment 22:

1. 1. Describe in writing how God is present in your life. You should also trace the difficulties and triumphs that you have faced.
2. I believe that the experiences we encounter in our lives have all occurred for a reason. We are meant to reflect on them, to draw meaning from them and to discover what God might have for us in them. They provide lessons in life and help us to develop into well-rounded individuals. There are times in my life where I feel a strong presence of God for example when I receive a good mark in class or am looking at the view from a mountain top. These are times in which I experience something amazing and have sensed God's presence in a meaningful way. However during times of hardship, I often feel as though God is anything but close. It may sometimes feel as though He hides himself and is distant from me. When my grandmother passed away, my life felt miserable and the feeling of loss was overwhelming. I felt lonely, isolated and questioned why God had done nothing to help her. Over time I realized that loss is an every day part of life and is a natural way of the world. Through her passing I was taught that everything is temporary and life is always changing. Change is a crucial part of life and is the driving force that helps us develop into who we are. Through this experience I learned that no matter the situation, there is always a lesson to be taught. The good experiences that we encounter make us feel grateful for what we have