Describe Roles and Responsibilities of: A. School Governors. B. Senior Management Team. C. Other Statutory Roles E.G. Senco. D. Teachers. E. Support Staff. Essay

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TASK3, Describe roles and responsibilities of: A. school governors. B. senior management team. C. other statutory roles e.g. SENCO. D. …show more content…
Some schools may have an assistant head teacher to support the head and deputy head teacher with the management of the school. Key stage co-ordinator lead and manage either key stage 1-2 in primary schools or key stage 3-4 in secondary schools, they also have a teaching commitment with class responsibility.
Special education needs co-ordinator (SENCO) responsible for the day-to-day provision for pupils with SEN, ensuring the implementations of the SEN code of practice and provide professional guidance on SEN. Designated senior person for child protection will take lead responsibility for dealing with child protection issues, provide advise and support to other staff, liaise with the authorities, work with other organisations as necessary referring concerns about issues to local authority children’s social care, providing information for police investigations and/or enquiries under section 47 of the children Act 1989. The delegated person responsible for health and safety in school will assist in the implementation, monitoring and development of the health and safety policy within the school. Co-ordinate arrangements for the design and implementations of safe working practices within the school for the dissemination of information and instruction of employees, pupils, students and visitors on safety matters and to make recommendations on the extent to