Describe The Background To The Organisation Of An Organisation

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A local business/club has asked you to create a promotional leaflet advertising the organisation and informing customers of a special event that is taking place. The manager has also asked you to create a mail merged letter that will be sent out to existing customers inviting them to the special event. You are also required to create a PowerPoint presentation for the organisation that will be shown at the special event – this can focus on any aspect of the organisation.

Unit 2 has six main parts:

 Background and Analysis/ Data Processing Activities
 Task 1 – Leaflet
 Task 2 – Mail Merged Letter
 Task 3 – Presentation
 Evaluation
 Data Compression Techniques

Time Frame:

Task Start Date Hand in Date
Background and Analysis/ Data Processing Activities 30th November 2012 21st December 2012
Task 1 – Leaflet 7th January 2013 21st January 2013
Task 2 – Mail Merged Letter 21st January 2013 4th February 2013
Task 3 – Presentation 4th February 2013 25th February 2013
Evaluation 25th February 2013 11th March 2013
Data Compression Techniques 11th March 2013 22nd March 2013

Final Submission of Unit 2 = 15th April 2013

Background and Analysis

Background Information

Task 1 – Description of the Organisation (2 marks)

Create a Word document that describes the background to the organisation. Information that should be included:

 The name of the organisation
 The name of the manager/owner
 What they do e.g. what they sell, what services are offered
 Where they are located
 How long they have been around for
 How many employees there are

Task 2 – Identify and Analyse Existing Documents to Determine Image, Ethos and House style (2 marks)

Select three different types of existing documents currently produced by the organisation. One has to be the organisation’s website. Documents you could select could include:

• Letters to all customers (promotional material/junk mail)
• Fliers
• Brochures or leaflets or catalogues
• Compliments slip
• Posters
• Web pages
• Slideshows

You will need to scan them into your report.

For each document you will need to describe the document and determine the image, house style and ethos of the document. Consider the following:

 What is the document?
 Ethos – what vision is being reflected by the document?
 What image are the documents trying to convey?
 Writing style and tone - how the choice of logo and/or fonts reflect this. What does the logo say about the company not just what the logo is – analyse the logo or font style
 Is there a house style? Presentation style – use of colours/images
 Identify consistent themes

Data Processing Activities within the Organisation

Task 1 - Desktop Publishing (2 marks)

Using two of the existing documents you have selected, identify:
 The main purpose of the document
 The data in the document
 The intended target audience of the document

Identify four formatting techniques used in each document e.g. bullet points, tables, watermarks, headers and footers etc…

Task 2 - Automated Documents (2 marks)

Identify which existing documents are automated or have the potential to be automated. These could be actual automated documents or manual documents which have the potential to be an automated activity e.g. membership cards.

Task 3 - Webpage (2 marks)

Using the organisation’s website, select a webpage to analyse. To achieve the full two marks you will need to consider:

 Describe the purpose of the webpage and the data in the website
 Describe the special features included in the webpage e.g. hyperlinks, video, sound, animation, counter etc…

Task 1 – Leaflet

You need to create a leaflet for the organisation that advertises the organisation and promotes a special event that is occurring. The leaflet should be created in Microsoft Publisher.

The leaflet must be two sides of A4 and at least 150 words (evidence of a word