Describe Time Off In A Physical Situation

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Describe Time Out:

Generally when a child is in trouble and needs to be disciplined
Time out can also be seen as break to have time out from homework, allowing child to have 10 minutes screen time.

"time for rest or recreation away from one's usual work or studies"
"a brief period of time during which a misbehaving child is put on their own so that they can regain control over their emotions."

In what situation would you use this technique?
Situation would be used when a child is playing up and needs to be disciplined and taken away from the situation
Child hits another child and refuses to apologise/ does not listen to instructions so is taken away from situation
In a positive aspect, it can be used to have a break and rest and relax.

How is it used?
Positive and Negative
Disciplinary situations
Supporting your "telling off" in a physical action

Sept 18

Understanding Behaviour:

A= Antecedent (stimuli,cues,what triggers the behaviour) - those that which always produce a certain response e.g more a reflex, like peeling onions and you have no choice if your eyes water -those that re likely to produce a certain response but where the person has a choice e.g. being asked to come and sit at mat time, call their name, children always have a response


C= Consequences -occur immediately after the behaviour, or naturally occur without you interfering
3 types:
- Reinforcing consequences, a pleasant or rewarding events that increase that likelihood of the behaviour happening again
-Neutral consequences, no effect